W.A.S. Entertainment provides music licensing and sync opportunities on behalf of our talented roster. We also provide custom music productions and music supervision to our clients and collaborators.

Our catalogue stands out. We represent some of the bravest and most exciting acts of the Nordics. We work with sync placements of our catalogue in TV series, movies, games, commercials, and more. Placements include When The Dust Settles (DR), Limboland (Xee), Stimorol, Tuborg x Roskilde. As both label and publisher, we are able to efficiently clear music, offering both one-stops and easy-clears.

W.A.S. Entertainment arranges sessions and camps with international producers, songwriters, and topliners to create unique collaborations with our talented roster of artists and producers.

We represent an extensive international publishing catalogue in the Nordics and Europe. We have the opportunity to place everything from original 60s-90s rock/pop ballads, contemporary soul & funk tunes, and much much more.  

For synchronisation and other licensing inquiries please contact: Hisham J. Maroun

Stonewall Session

Sound design & Editing: VAKLE

Fantomforhold (XEE)
Season 1 Episode 2

Manchild -  girlcrush

CAMPAIGN: Royal Unibrew TAK ROCK - De Aflyste Navne

Rebecca Lou, Brimheim, Reveal Party & girlcrush

Season 1 Episode 1

Work Work Work - girlcrush

Season 1 Episode 1

Du Gør Det Bedre - Blæst

SERIES: Junglen (XEE)
Season 1 Episode 6

Bugging - Elisha

FILM: The Mother the Son the Rat and the Gun

Exhale stripped - SOÉL

COMMERCIAL: Stimorol (TV3, Discovery, TLC, National Geographic, etc.)

Venus - Silque

COMMERCIAL: Tuborg X Roskilde Festival

Not 4 U - Rebecca Lou

SERIES: When the dust settles (DR1)
Season 1 Episode 8

Head Down - Alcabean

SERIES: Centrum (Youtube)
Season 2

Several tracks (Blæst)

Season 1 Episode 6&8

Du Gør Det Bedre - Blæst

SERIES: Salsa (DR)
Season 1 Episode 4

Juice - Blæst

SERIES: Queer as folk (Peacock)
Season 1 Episode 1

You Skip My Turn ft. Brimheim - Reveal Party

Music company representing Blæst, GRETA, Rebecca Lou and more.

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