Music company representing Blæst, Brimheim, GRETA, Rebecca Lou, Kamma and more.

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W.A.S. ENTERTAINMENT is a music company passionate about scouting, developing, releasing and exploiting alternative Scandinavian pop music. W.A.S. ENTERTAINMENT was founded by young adults who believe that music can change the world, bring people together and create new communities of great value – which is why we strive to sign artists we believe will contribute to a more diverse music industry. W.A.S. ENTERTAINMENT aims to become Scandinavia's leading independent music company with a roster of strong personalities and groundbreaking musicians from all parts of society.

Today W.A.S. Entertainment is a modern, unique 360 degree music company. We have a holistic approach to the artist and are able to manage all aspects of an artist career including Artist Management, Label, Publishing, Live and Synchronization.

Jakob Løkkegaard-Friese
CEO, Artist Management, Founder

Hisham Jacob Maroun
COO, Artist Management, Founder

Mathias Bang Madsen
Artist Management, Founder

Thit Melanie Berthou
Distribution, Management, Partner

Mikkel Wad Larsen
Live Enterprises, International Exploitation

Sofie Aukdal 
A&R, Press, Radio

Sidsel Hagen Rieder
Marketing, Social Media

Tobias Rivera Prahl

Nekisa Ghasemi
Content Creation


We are always looking for new talents, singers and songwriters. Please send us an email with a link to Soundcloud or another website where we can stream your music.

Please do not send us attached audio files by email or links to download-files.


We offer year-round internship opportunities in our various departments. We have two big intakes that last 6 months and start each August and February of each year.

Internships are currently available in:

︎Salg, udgivelses- og forlagsarbejde
︎PR, kommunikation og marketing
︎Content production
︎SoMe, kommunikation og marketing

Product Manager (Full Time) 
Apply here

However you are always welcome to send a speculative application to us. Please indicate in the subject field, which department you are applying for a job in. The application will be read and registered, and you will be considered if a relevant position arises.



CVR: 40861785

Music company representing Blæst, Brimheim, GRETA, Rebecca Lou, Kamma and more.

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