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Not even the strongest headwind can stop Blæst and their well produced, Danish pop music. Their attitude is laid back and effortless but their groovy, delicate pop songs are driven forward by slick basslines and tight beats.

Fernanda, Lauge, Valentin and Anders make pop songs about everyday life and the poetry that can be found there. Their songs hold stories of summer nights, depression, romance and the youthful lyrics are sung by Fernanda Rosa, whose voice reminisces some of the greatest pop icons of the 80’s and 90’s. Beneath her voice lie full-bodied yet minimalist pop instrumentals made by Lauge Kjærulff and Valentin Buchwald and they mix jazzy chords with 80’s glamorous pop sounds. The band has become known for their humor, their special ability to engage with their fans and audience and their incredible live shows.

Blæst has been given a ton of airplay on Danish radio, and their 2022 single ‘Juice’ has been in top 3 on the Danish radio charts. Blæst has played acclaimed Danish festivals such as SPOT and Roskilde and their journey towards the stars has just begun.


"The singer Fernanda Rosa seduces the listener with her voice and in collaboration with producers Lauge Kjærulff and Valentin Buchwald and guitarist Anders Bondo Blæst create upbeat pop melodies in a way that makes it feel like summer all year round"


"The Danish lyrics and pop melodies makes it hard to stand still. The band’s charismatic lyrics about love, youth and longing are simply captivating"

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Music company representing Blæst, Brimheim, GRETA, Rebecca Lou, Kamma and more.

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