Christine Kiberg

Christine Kiberg gets under your skin from the very first note. She is a storyteller with a special ability to write lyrics with catchy choruses and melodies that get stuck in your brain. Her stories are told with a powerful, direct and recognisable voice, that contains the perfect mix of naivety and realism.

Her songs are about going from young to adult, where everything seems carefree, to hard core adult life and the realizations that come with it. When it dawns on you that the childhood sweetheart you thought was forever wasn’t. When your old friend suddenly feels like a stranger, and when you have to give up the dreams you have fought for all your life.

With a sound that brings you back to 80s pop idols such as One Two and Ray Dee Ohh, Christine writes raw and brave songs that speak directly to the listener with crystal clear lyrics. Through the music, she puts into words the feeling of loneliness, overriding heartache, uncertainty about being in a different place in life than her peers and the identity crisis she has experienced in her 20s.

Christine Kiberg has performed at Roskilde festival with her previous project Ea Kaya. Her debut EP “Fragile But Strong As Hell” received more than 15 million streams and the track ‘4 AM’ became one of the biggest national radio hits of the same year. She is now making her debut in Danish and under her own name.

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