When you enter FABER’s alternative pop universe for the first time it is like entering a dream; a world where most things look familiar, but nothing is quite like it seems.

FABER makes alternative pop songs with well-known elements like synthesizers, electronic drums, a verse and a chorus. But the clean surface is obscured by strange vocals, unexpected mood changes and eccentric lyrics that dare to play around with language and use words as an instrument in itself.

FABER’s songs can be down-to-earth and dreamy, organic and mechanical, familiar and strange. The many nuances and contrast come together in a multi artistic universe, where FABER’s electronic productions, colorful costumes and visuals cater to all your senses. 

FABER released the album ‘Portrætter’ in 2021 and received widespread praise by Danish music critics. She played SPOT festival in 2022 with a dark art pop setup, and throughout 2022 she will continue to release more music.

Bands of Tomorrow (DK)

“Faber creates powerful electronic music that manages to stay fragile, unique and beautiful accompanied by an honest and lyrical universe“


“Close to trip hop mixed with classic electro pop FABER easily balances the many layers in her music universe. She’s metallic yet organic, untamed yet fragile. Exactly like the early inspirations Björk and Portishead“
Soundvenue (DK)

“Viola Fabers take on electro pop creates sharp and gritty productions while her vocal is kept light and vulnerable.“

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