Gimi is a Danish/Kosovo-Albanian artist, songwriter and producer. His music hits a sweet spot by combining ultra poppy songwriting and quirky experimental production.

The lyrics are direct and at times social-political, with lots of irony and humor.

The pop artist Gimi has his roots in many places - also regarding his music, which is inspired by everything from 00’s pop classics to Albanian traditional music.

This fall Gimi will release his debut EP ‘Polari’, which includes the singles ‘Habibi’ and ‘Worth The Calories’. Two songs about love, sex and desire, both filled with maximalistic pop elements.

The word ‘Polari’ comes from the italian ‘Palare’ which means ‘to talk’. It’s an old, secret language from the 1900s, which queer people from the UK used to communicate with each other. Back then being queer was illegal, and a secret language was needed to communicate, without other people knowing. As a response to this part of queer history, Gimi tells openly about his own experiences, while the EP breaks with the secrecy which historically has surrounded the queer community.

‘Polari’ will be released in the fall of 2022 through W.A.S. Entertainment.

Kaltblut Magazine (DE)

“With the courage to stand out, he makes music in his own quirky pop universe both catchy and experimental at once."

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