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Tredjeperson is reckless group therapy. The band consisting of Jonas, Aske, Oscar and Nikkel open their hearts with existential and reflective lyrics about the rootlessness of youth, all while they balance rock elements with well-known pop references. With an intense vulnerability, they get into your most longing, desiring and innermost self.

In September 2021, the band released their first single 'Under Vandet' and debuted at SPOT Festival. Half a year later, they released the single 'Uden Ord'. Both singles received great commendation in the Danish music media, and received airtime on P6 BEAT.

When you listen to Tredjeperson, you are in the middle of a paradox. You feel alienated from the synthetic and violent voice, but are allowed to get unbearably close – completely naked and seen. Like a magical one-night stand where the premise is that you get closer than anyone else if you dare to lower your parades and indulge in the symbiosis.

Tredjeperson is currently working on their first EP, where they drag us into the emotional turmoil of youth with blunt honesty. A youth with screens, stimuli and distractions everywhere, where you sometimes feel like drowning your thoughts, resorting to skipping acts and just dancing.

Bands of Tomorrow (DK)

“The quartet exudes a youthful rootlessness and have a refreshingly raw expression that appears genuine and quite fascinating. The band is able to balance organic rock elements with an electronic sound in the most elegant way”

Music company representing Blæst, Brimheim, GRETA, Rebecca Lou, Kamma and more.

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