With their minimalist punk girlcrush tells stories about mental health, love and sex from a queer and feminine perspective.

girlcrush writes songs about lives that don’t meet the heteronormative ideal. Their songs describe the feelings of love, desire and anxiety they experience as non-monogamist, queer and transgender. The band wants to lend their voices to those who can’t be heard and create a feeling of recognition and community for queer and marginalized people.

Flat drums, distorted guitars and charming queer feminist lyrics form the backbone of girlcrush’s songs and accompanied by simple chords and naive harmonies they sing about being a The Cure-listening emo kid who is “a little bit scared, a little bit brave, a little bit misbehaved.”

Nat, Juni and Marie’s punk DIY-sound sounds like a rebirth of the 90’s Riot Grrrl-movement. But at the same time their songs are playful and bright like pop songs, and their inspirations range from sassy Princess Nokia to singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers.

Their charmingly sassy songs have brought them to Roskilde Festival and SPOT and given them airplay on Danish radio station P6 Beat. They released their debut album ‘I Don’t Feel So Good’ in June 2022, and was featured in a large interview in GAFFA DK.


"It’s music coming directly from the heart and the rehearsal room. And that’s why the trio is so charming. The DNA of girlcrush is to be raw and imperfected"


"Seeing girlcrush perform was like witnessing the rebirth of music. The unspoiled almost childish joy of creating something cool without being perfect on your instrument"

»It was hard not to love the way Girlcrush insisted on finding freedom, where others find obstacles. They cleared a space in the industry focused SPOT Festival for those who fall outside of the normative«

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