lil cat

lil cat are in-betweeners. They exist somewhere between pop and rock music, between naiviety and seriousness, and between confident rock star and shy couch potato – all of this while trying not to be overwhelmed by the expectations and outside pressure of society and stay true to who they are.  

Cathrine van Leeuwen and Mads Vadsager have spent a lot of time and energy wondering how to fit in, and this is also the main source of inspiration for their songs, which are best described as party music for benchwarmers. Music for those who prefer to party at home rather than going clubbing and music for people who prefer crocs over stilettos. Their songs are raw, fun and filled with distorted guitars and catchy choruses referencing both 00’s rock and modern pop.

lil cat already released two EP’s; their debut ‘tunes’ including songs like ‘woman up’ and ‘rock n roll’ and it’s successor ‘czech new wave’ with songs like ‘rock stars in la’ and ‘camper’. Cathrine and Mads are unstoppable when it comes to writing songs, and the songs on their forthcoming debut album are hand plucked from an enormous bunch of demos made through the past two years in collaboration with Reveal Party, Kamma, Liberty among others, and songwriters from all over Scandinavia.

Since their debut single ‘I look hot in this dress’ lil cat has played SPOT Festival twice, supported Rebecca Lou on her expansive Danish tour and they’ve been featured on playlists like ‘Fresh Finds Rock’, ‘De Nye’ and ‘Free Refills’ streaming all over the globe.

With the songs on their debut album lil cat is aiming for the stars, hoping that their songs might inspire others to feel okay being sensitive in-betweeners.


”Even though the video takes place in the bedroom on the couple's home ground, you don't feel unwelcome between the covers. Behind the 'rock n roll' attitude, you find a twinkle in the eye and a large amount of self-irony, which almost invites the viewer to join Cathrine and Mads – and be exactly who you want to be”


"It’s delightfully simple and catchy and you’re not likely to find a chorus so melodious and memorable in many other lo-fi-songs"

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