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lil cat

What would you do if a pandemic forced you to be in isolation with your partner? You make a band. Pure boredom was the starting point for lil cat, and since spring 2020 Mads and Cathrine have made music together in their bedroom.

Their songs form a melting pot of internet noise, lockdown madness and romance and the quirky lyrics revolve around everything from being on your period to dreaming about being a rock star. They are charmingly sung by Cat and accompanied by instrumentals mixing both 00’s rock music, bossa nova and modern pop.

Below the DIY surface lies a solid foundation of strong songwriting where catchy melodies, unpredictable synth themes and lyrical gems showcase the unmistakable chemistry between Mads and Cat. lil cat has already caught the attention of international media such as Meow Mag and Cut it Out Magazine and they have been featured on the Spotify curated lists Fresh Finds, New Music Friday, and many others.

lil cat has released the EP’s ‘tunes’ and ‘czech new wave’


"Selvom videoen foregår i soveværelset på kæresteparrets hjemmebane, føler man sig ikke uvelkommen mellem dynerne. Inde bag ‘rock n roll’-attituden finder man nemlig et stort glimt i øjet og en stor portion selvironi, der nærmest inviterer seeren til at tilslutte sig Cathrine og Mads – og være nøjagtig hvem man har lyst til at være"


"It’s delightfully simple and catchy and you’re not likely to find a chorus so melodious and memorable in many other lo-fi-songs"

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Music company representing Blæst, Brimheim, GRETA, Rebecca Lou, Kamma and more.

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