moi Caprice

»That thing about getting old in an industry that is so focused on youth. That is not easy. It has also taken up a lot of space in the lyrics and made me think: Why are we even doing this? I guess it is because we have to«

Those are the words of the singer and songwriter Michael Møller, who in 2020 got back together with his bandmates from moi Caprice, after a break lasting more than a decade.

During the 00’s moi Caprice marked themselves as one of the strongest melodic and acclaimed indie bands on the danish rock scene. Despite time elapsed the band still suits the danish rock scene with a sound that feels both old and contemporary at the same time.

From 2003 to 2008 moi Caprice released four critically acclaimed albums, played a large number of concerts, were nominated for music awards and were named Ugens Uundgåelige on P3. Even though the band never stopped playing concerts, they never really disbanded, and 12 years after their recent album release ‘We had faces then’, they once again released the album ‘Becoming Visible’ in 2020. Now the band is up to date with the album ‘Nine Lives’.


»The lyric universe is full of memorable phrases and solid hooks, that will attach to the brain for a long time«

»The sound is horizontal as well as embracing, and it is as if moi Caprice jumped right into the present without looking back. The sound and songwriting has gotten an international tone that is hard to let go of. The band strikes a blow for the dreamers, the lovers and those who hope. Welcome back«

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